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Originally built to house KG&E, 120 East First Street was the first of a major building boom that occurred in Wichita in 1954. Construction of the new KG&E offices took over two years to complete due to the customized detailing of both exterior and interior features of the building’s design. In 1955, KG&E had grown to the point that it was able to list its common stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

By 1967, KG&E announced their plan for a major addition of five stories to the existing 1953 building. The company stated that it was more important for KG&E to remain in downtown Wichita.

As originally designed and constructed, the 7-story building features ribboned aluminum-framed fenestration, expansive brick spandrels and continuous concrete sunshades (extensions of the monolithic floor slabs), with aluminum fascia above each floor. On the interior, the architects planned for a flexible workflow for a growing company. Subsequently, there have been some changes to the interior of the building, as a result of the 1969-1970 addition and remodeling and upgrades to office arrangement.

KG&E occupied the building into the 1990s and various businesses have operated there through 2011.

Today, the KG&E building is home to The LUX - the future of 120 East First Street.

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