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Thursday, April 25
Roxy's Downtown
In a Berlin nightclub, as the 1920's draw to a close, a garish Master of Ceremonies welcomes the audience and assures them they will forget all their troubles at the Cabaret. With the Emcee's bawdy songs as wry commentary, Cabaret explores the dark, heady, and tumultuous life of Berlin's natives and expatriates as Germany slowly yields to the emerging Third Reich. Cliff, a young American writer newly arrived in Berlin, is immediately taken with English singer Sally Bowles. Meanwhile, Fräulein Schneider, proprietor of Cliff and Sally's boarding house, tentatively begins a romance with Herr Schultz, a mild-mannered fruit seller who happens to be Jewish. Musical numbers include "Willkommen," "Cabaret," "Don't Tell Mama" and "Two Ladies."

"A stunning musical... this marionette's-eye view of a time and place in our lives that was brassy, wanton, carefree and doomed to crumble is brilliantly conceived."– Walter Kerr, The New York Times

"A masterpiece of musical theatre... Cabaret unfolds as a haunting portrait of the decadent world of early 1930’s Germany. - Tom Williams,
"Stunning... a masterpiece of musical theater penned as a cautionary tale and not at all leavened by the embrace of paradox." - Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune
"John Kander and Fred Ebb’s musical drama Cabaret, with Book by Joe Masteroff, is a show that keeps on giving.... a musical that shows interesting characters living through a difficult time, with great songs and mood and atmosphere." - Donald Brown, New Haven Review

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American Way Words
Thursday, April 25
Envision Arts Gallery and Community Engagement Center

The Envision Arts Gallery and Community Engagement Center is eager to present its new artist-in-residence program with the opening of "American Way Words," a three-month exhibition presenting the renowned UK blind artist Clarke Reynolds, known for his interactive use of Braille in art. This event marks both Clarke Reynolds's first solo exhibition in the U.S. and his role as the inaugural artist of the gallery’s new residency program, embodying Envision’s dedication to fostering artistic innovation and collaboration.

Clarke Reynolds, a visionary born with limited sight in Havant, England, crafts a journey of resilience and creativity through his art. After an early spark of inspiration from Franz Marc's "The Yellow Cow," Clarke pursued and attained a BA honors degree in model making. Despite significant challenges, including the loss of his sight, Reynolds' fervor for artistic expression propelled him to innovate, using textiles and Braille to forge new paths of exploration in art through touch and sound.

"American Way Words" transcends a traditional art exhibition. It's an all-encompassing, interactive space that invites audiences to discover language and communication through tactile and visual experiences, embracing inclusivity and delight in exploration. Get a sneak peek of Reynolds' work in this video.

A key feature of "American Way Words" is a life-size, playable Scrabble board. This installation is designed to be both accessible and enjoyable, using one-foot square tiles marked with color-coded Braille, allowing both sighted and visually impaired individuals to partake in the joy of language. More than 60 artworks accompanying the Scrabble board highlight the quirks and idiosyncrasies of English, juxtaposing British and American terms like 'Ice Lolly' versus 'Popsicle.' These playful pairings offer a glimpse into the cultural tapestry that language weaves, fostering conversations about accessibility, diversity and the shared experience of art.

Envision Arts Gallery and Clarke Reynolds cordially invite you to join them for this innovative and heartfelt exhibition. "American Way Words" not only showcases Reynolds' ingenuity but also embodies our commitment to art that celebrates inclusivity, literacy and cultural dialogue. Don't miss the opportunity to experience language in a new dimension where touch, sight and play merge into a harmonious celebration of human connection.

On display April 5 – June 28 in the Main Gallery. All proceeds from artwork and merchandise purchased from the gallery directly support the artists and help the Envision Arts program. Learn more about the Envision Arts Gallery and Community Engagement Center by visiting

Contact Eva Cummings at (316) 440-1699 or
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Laser Taylor Swift Show
Thursday, April 25
Exploration Place

Calling all Swifties! The Dome is being taken over by T Swift’s most iconic songs, brought to life through an immersive laser show. The soaring 60-foot Dome screen will project neon images of the iconic star while lasers permeate the room. Get ready to sing and dance along in an unforgettable Dome experience.

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. With over 200 million records sold, a shelf full of Grammys, and an army of fans, Taylor is an inspiration for generations.

Laser Taylor Swift takes her biggest hits (Taylor’s versions) and brings them to life in dazzling laser light.

You Need To Calm Down
Love Story
Look What You Made Me Do
…Ready For It?
I Knew You Were Trouble
Bad Blood
Blank Space
You Belong With Me

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Shake It Off

Exclusive Members Only Pre-Sale: March 26 – 28
Tickets on sale: March 29 at 8 am

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Thursday, April 25
The Forum Theatre

Get ready to experience a world of imagination with a dose of nostalgia in this family-friendly, comedy that is one funny bunny of a tale (tail?)! Harvey, a well-known classic in American theatre, is a comedy about the friendship between Elwood P. Dowd and his best friend Harvey the Pooka – an invisible, six-foot-tall rabbit! When his sister Veta finds his behavior no longer socially acceptable, she tries to place him into a mental institution, only to have a comedy of errors ensue. Elwood’s easygoing nature and kind heart quickly draws everyone into his whimsical world of warmth and joy. Through Elwood and his pal Harvey, we see the true meaning of loyalty and friendship.

Performances are Thursday to Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Contact Kathryn Page Hauptman at (316) 618-0444 or
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Dome Theater Shows at Exploration Place
Thursday, April 25
Exploration Place


Experience the Beauty and Wonder of the Sunflower State

Exploration Place, Kansas’ premier science museum, has created a movie experience like no other! Filmed from the unique perspective of a drone, Kansas: An Immersive Dome Experience presents the beauty and wonder of the Sunflower State in the breathtaking format of a giant dome theater. Now playing in The Dome.

Run time: 25 minutes


When strange bones are discovered in a muddy Kansas river bank, paleontologists set out to investigate a mystery buried in time. Through ultra-realistic 3-D computer animation Sea Monsters takes audiences back to the Late Cretaceous, when the sea was dominated by giant marine reptiles, some as large as present-day whales. Get up close and personal with some of the dinosaur age’s most fearsome marine reptiles.

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure transports the audience back to the Late Cretaceous, when a great inland sea divided North America. The film connects paleontology digs from around the globe into a compelling story about scientists working as detectives to answer questions about this ancient and mysterious ocean world.

Stunning photo-realistic computer-generated animation transports audiences back to the Late Cretaceous, when a great inland ocean divided North America in two. The film will follow a curious and adventurous dolichorynchops (familiarly known as a ‘dolly’) as she travels through life’s stages, experiencing the world from her spot near the bottom of the food chain. Along the way, she’ll encounter long-necked pleisosaurs, giant turtles, enormous fish, ferocious flippered crocs, fierce sharks, and the most dangerous sea monsters of all, the mosasaurs.

THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (Starting June 22)

Embark on a cosmic odyssey in celebration of Pink Floyd’s 50th anniversary of The Dark Side of the Moon planetarium show in The Dome. Journey through a cosmic realm that pays tribute to Pink Floyd’s enduring legacy. Vibrant colors and mesmerizing animations synchronize with the timeless tracks, immersive visuals and powerful emotions evoked by this legendary album. This is the only large-screen film endorsed by the band itself.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to celebrate Pink Floyd’s musical masterpiece in an unforgettable setting.


Contact Erin Manning at (316) 660-0600 or
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