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The LUX is set on developing a unique sense of community and place in downtown Wichita while keeping true to the building's original 1950s character. It's modern, downtown living—in a city that is in the midst of a great revitalization! Join us.

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Downtown Events

80 Years of History Making Exhibit
Sunday, August 18
Wichita-Sedgwick Co. Historical Museum

This year marks the 80th Anniversary of the Museum and celebrates its work to collect, preserve and educate through the interpretation of our local history. Over the years the Museum has featured an encyclopedic range of exhibits telling stories using artifacts – material culture bearing tangible evidence of the past. Accredited by the American Alliance of Museums since 1972, the Museum is one of America’s finest museums of local history and a tremendous community asset. 80 Years of History Making celebrates the sharing of local stories and the collection of artifacts to inspire and instruct future generations.

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Sorting Out Race - Examining Racial Identity and Stereotypes in Thrift Store Donations
Sunday, August 18
The Kansas African American Museum
Every day thrift stores across America receive donations of objects that display racial imagery—antique advertising cards, collectible salt-and-pepper shakers, vintage children’s books, and mugs with sports team mascots. Are these objects harmless reminders of historical attitudes or do they continue to perpetuate negative stereotypes about race? Should thrift stores sell these objects? Or should they be “sorted out” of the resale environment and discarded?

Sorting Out Race arose out of a desire to divert artifacts with racial content from thrift stores to an exhibit that would generate a healthy community conversation about racial stereotypes past and present in order to heighten awareness of our continuing struggles with race. Sorting Out Race exhibition opens June1 at 12pm.

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Sean Kenney's Nature Connects
Sunday, August 18
Botanica Wichita

Experience nature and LEGOs like you never have before as artist Sean Kenney's "Nature Connects" brings Botanica Wichita to life throughout the summer of 2019. From May 10 - September 19, enjoy these breathtaking sculptures throughout the gardens. This art installation project will be a complement to the gardens and will enhance the experience for visitors to Botanica Wichita. 

Catch many exhibits like a dragonfly with a 4-foot wingspan containing 6,535 LEGO pieces. 

Contact Kathy Sweeney at 316-264-0448 or
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The Science of Ripley's Believe it or Not! National Traveling Exhibit
Sunday, August 18
Exploration Place

Drive your curiosity into the unknown through remarkable realms and scientific discoveries. Come face-to-face with some of the world's largest organisms. And watch out for some of the smallest invaders!  Shed light on the unexplainedConquer challenges, study specimens, and examine real artifacts. Plus:

  • Crawl through a life-size model of the gigantic prehistoric snake, Titanoboa.
  • Measure up against the world's tallest man, Robert Wadlow.
  • Pinpoint sculptures so small they fit in the eye of a needle.
  • Slice through the secrets of sword swallowing.
  • Bend your senses with an array of illusions.
  • And much more!

The Science of Ripley's Believe It or Not!® is produced by Science North, in partnership with Ripley Entertainment Inc.

Museum hours
Monday - Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday, noon - 5 p.m.

Contact Christina Bluml at 316-660-0620 or
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BYOP (Bring Your Own Pool)
Sunday, August 18

Time to take Sunday Funday to a whole new level. DJ Carbon & Wave bring you B.Y.O.P. That's right ladies and gents, Bring Your Own Pool! So buy your ticket, pick up a pool, and arrive early to get it filled up. We will have the music lined up, plenty of adult beverages for you to sip on, you just bring your pool and your friends! Tickets to bring a pool are $20, and $5 without for 21+ and $10 for 18-20. We will only be selling limited pool tickets due to space, so buy yours now! We may release a few later. The event will be running from 2-10pm, and we will be setting up early access for pool providers. If you buy a pool ticket, you must arrive by 4pm. If not, we will allow other pools to set up. You may still be able to setup depending on space constraints. We will have air pumps and water. You may want to pick up a tarp to put under your pool, as it is a rock ground, and the tarp should help ensure you don't get any holes poked in your pool. We will have some fun activities lined up and some prizes for best themed pool to announce later. So scoop up your tickets, and get ready for the festivities!

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